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Cakrawala Persada


:::: about cakrawala persada ::::

The principles on which aroma therapy is based are ancient. Plants and extracts have been used in healing for centuries. However, in the modern era, the form of aroma therapy is relatively new. 

Aroma therapy uses essential oils extracted from various parts of wild or cultivated plants and trees. Steam distillation and expression are the main methods of extraction. Essential oils are highly fragrant, volatile fluids. This chemicals determine the specific therapeutic and olfactory properties of the essential oils. Although complex, the constituents are easily absorbed by the body using metabolic pathways.

The above descriptions are a little bit information of one of Cakrawala Persada products, beside the othe one such as aromatic candle, candle holders and SPA. The business has been started about 5 years ago which located in Surabaya - Indonesia. Cakrawala Persada is a home-based business which manages tens of suppliers to produced the quality products with high standards. Highly creativity of our artist always express on our products.







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